Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blogger on the Go!

Trying out this mobile app. Looks good so far!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Morning Glory

When we decided we wanted to make part of the patio more private (it's ground level in our building, and open on the left and top) I did some research and came to Morning Glory. Growing about 10 ft with large heart shaped leaves - the flowers were just a bonus. The variety I chose is Ink Spots, a newer variety that has shades of purple and white. I was going to plant them on the 16th when I planted the vegetables, but I forgot to soak them. Soaking them over night it supposed to speed up germination, so I popped them in the bowl of water and left them until the next day.
On the 17th I planted them in the same seed tray as the veggies, watered them, put the dome on top and went on.
I try really hard to not look at the seedlings 5 times a day waiting for one to pop, I get impatient. So when I sneaked a peek on the 19th I was shocked, and excited to see this:

And this morning even more shocked to see THIS:
The above picture is of my Morning Glory seedlings three, you read it correctly THREE days after being planted :) Exciting to say the least!

My Thyme seeds have also popped today! However their seedlings are very tiny, I don't think my camera would capture it properly.

Yesterday was me and K's 2nd anniversary. He is so wonderful. He brought me a bouquet of bright gerbera daisies, and some seeds so we can plant them together and enjoy them longer - I think that is so romantic :)
He also brought me Final Fantasy Origins (yes I am a gardener, a knitter, and a nerd). We had a perfect day, followed by a perfect dinner. I've never been so happy in my life.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sown Seeds

We went to Halifax Seed this morning to get some seed cells, earth, and seeds.
We got Nantes Scarlet Carrot, and Giant Valentine Tomato seeds. We also got white onion sets.
Today I planted the carrot, tomato, cherry tomato, thyme, oregano and sweet basil. I had some pansy seeds from last year left over so I planted some of those too :)

The top picture is the seeds, and the bottom picture is the larger onion sets. I left some cells empty so i can stagger the carrots. Can't wait for things to start popping up! Should be within 2 weeks or so :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Garden Planning Begins!

So I did some reading... and this is what I came up with.

Vegetables that grow best in Zone 5/6
brussel sprouts
sweet potato
winter squash
summer squash

Vegetables that grow best in Zone 5/6 in containers
brussel sprouts

From that list, vegetables I want to grow:

From the list I want to grow, how I plan to grow it, the size container I will need, and recommended varieties:

5 Gallon Window box
Buttercrunch,  Little Gem, Bibb

5 Gallon Window Box
White Sweet Spanish, Yellow Sweet Spanish

1 plant, 5 gallon pot
3 plants 15 gallon tub

1 plant, 5 gallon pot
Early Girl, Giant Valentine

5 gallon window box, at least 12”deep
Nantes Scarlet

Supplies needed for this garden:
  • 5 Gallon Window Box x3 (1 for lettuce, 1 for onion, 1 for carrot)
  • 15 Gallon tub x3 (1 for 3 broccoli, 1 for big tomato, 1 for small tomato)
  • Tomato cage x2
  • watering can
  • hardware cloth to protect (see last years garden!)
  • vegetable seeds/transplants/sets

Bonus Herbs! :)
If I've got room (it's a small deck) and time I really really want to have a large pot with multiple herbs in it - these are the ones I chose:

We're making a trip to Halifax Seed tomorrow to see if we can cross any supplies off the list. I think it's going to be a bit too early for the good stuff :) But I'm on vacation until the 25th, so hopefully I'll have something to garden!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Apologies...

for the sporadic posts...
It's a rainy windy day here in Dartmouth today. I've got bird feeding and gardening on the brain. Last year was successful for what is was - impulsive! :) So I'm hoping to plan it a bit better this year. One thing I'm finding is that even though on their own; container gardening, Nova Scotia, and backyarding with an apartment are all popular - it's difficult for me to find information on those things combined. I'm very lucky to have an apartment with an actual yard - it's too bad I can't dig it up as I please :) so my garden has to be quite flexible.
Heres how I plan to achieve this, and if you are reading this maybe help you as well if you want to have a small flower/vegetable garden, in containers, in an area with short growing season :)

First -  decide what I want to have in my yard.
what kind of vegetables
what kind of flowers
what kind of decor
what kind of bird feeding
how much space to dictate to each

Second - research and planning
Find out about my growing zone (mainland Nova Scotia seems to fall between 5a and 6a) which flowers and vegetables will do best, and when to start them indoors or outdoors.
Last year I just planted whatever I wanted. Some hits, some misses.

Third - Shopping
I'm lucky to have a Kent Building Supplies with a huge garden centre steps from my apartment. Although some of their summer staff are lacking in knowledge, the senior staff are fantastic and helpful. I can't speak for all Kent stores, but the one at Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth is perfect for any gardener and bird watcher. Bird feed, feeders, seeds, transplants, pots, earth, everything with reasonable prices on top of it all.

Forth - Plant!

To be Continued.....

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas? Ahhhhhhhh!

All I want to do is get my Christmas List finished before December 25th arrives. With the added pressure of having a Mother who's birthday also falls on the big day, this is never an easy adventure. This year - I decided what I decide every year - Everyone is getting knitted gifts. However unlike years before, I've put this plan into motion, and have 6 dishcloths under my belt already.

Click for Pattern

5 dishcloths for my Mother, 5 for my Grandmother, fingerless gloves for Boyfriends Brother and his Girlfriend, a toque for my Dad and a couple of easy soap sweaters for last minute miscellaneous gift needs.
Also I've found a pattern for Candy Cane Cozy's which I think are adorable and would look cute attached to gifts, I have 2 finished so far.

Click for Pattern

I'm taking a sock knitting class at The Loop on Barrington Street in Halifax on November 28th - socks were a project I could never quite master so hopefully this will fix that. I'd love to make some woolly house socks for Boyfriend and myself.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Better Late than Never!

ok I'm back! Work was so hectic, and summer was amazing!
Long story short, we went to NYC, the garden kicked the bucket while we were gone (it was during the heatwave in August) I decided to go back to school part time and I have welcomed the return of my winter hobby - knitting.
Spring/Summer = Gardening
Fall/Winter = Knitting

Somewhere along the line I lost track of my diet... but am happy to say that I haven't gained any weight - just certainly haven't lost any.
So for now - I am off to make some supper for me and my love - then watching a flick before bed.

Stay Tuned....

Sunday, June 27, 2010


How cute are they? And their acrobatics can provide as much entertainment as you have time to watch. But they also like to chew, dig, and climb - none of which I want in my small patio garden. The first time I saw 'Chip' he was adorable, I watched him scamper off to the wooded bit that borders our backyard, and under a rock to what looks like could be his home. So now I know he's local. I'd feed him some sunflower seeds so I could watch the running and jumping - so cute!
Then one day I cam home from work and checked on the tomatoes - there was a pit in the soil. I filled it in.
Next day - another pit - I filled it in.
After a week of this dance I decided enough was enough. Friday I started doing some research and today I put the plan into action.
All it took was:
Hardware cloth (wire screen) 1/4 inch was recommended but we could only find 1/2 inch
Something to cut it with
and mulch.
The total cost for this project was about 20.00$ CAD
I cut the screen to be the size of the top of the pot. it's bendy and holds the shape so anything that was a bit too big was easy to bend into shape. I cut a slit up the middle and with a hole in the end to go around the stalk of the plant. I had boyfriend hold the tomato cage up so I could slide the screen under and around - then we fitted the cage back into place and covered the screen with black cedar mulch.

If this works - I will be thrilled. The hardware cloth we bought came in a roll of 20ft for 10.00$, so it will cover all of the pots the squirrels will dig in, with some left over for next year.
It was inexpensive and relatively easy. If it doesn't work - well at least we didn't invest a fortune.
Now once the tomatoes come to fruit - that will be another challenge. :P

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pea Pod

This little pod appeared yesterday, and today there's about 5 of them! :)

We've been having a lot of rain, and heat and it's been good for the garden. I'm still waiting for the tomato buds to bloom - they're taking a really long time...
I've got a squirrel in the yard too. He keeps digging pits in my pots. So this weekend I'm going to get some screen to fit around the base of the plants - hopefully this will deter him. I also want to paint the bike this weekend. Bike #2, not the pretty blue one. I'm thinking white, silver/grey and blue.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pink Polish

It's Pay Day and that means a little treat for myself was in order. I headed to the Spa by my place of work and stumbled upon an Oldie but Goodie. Every time I see my boss sporting this shade I say "Oooo what colour is that?" and every time her response is "That's Hot! Pink, by O.P.I." It came out in 2008 I believe, and is part of the Mod About Brights Collection.

It's rainy, and cloudy outside and this bubblegum shade was just what I needed up brighten my day! The flash in my picture washes out the pink - it's more hot - less soft in person.

I feel so far behind on this blog - I have a second bicycle now, and the garden has taken off. This weekend I want to add all new updated pictures.