Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lazy Sunday - Pedicure

I had a hard time falling asleep last night, and when I did it didn't last long. I've had pretty much no energy all day so I decided I'd do a home pedicure so treat myself.
I read a bunch of reviews for Revlon Pedi Expert, and the Ped Egg - both are getting crazy raves - seeming to be equally as good as the other, with price being the deciding factor. I set out this afternoon to find either, and ended up finding both. Ped Egg was $14.99 CAD, and Pedi Expert was $13.99 CAD. I went with Ped Egg - the files looked a bit smaller so I thought it would work better.
It's... Meh.
The only thing that really worked out in the end is the emery pad that sticks to the bottom of the case. I followed the instructions, clean dry feet, blah blah blah and the small files ripped the soles of my feet to shreds. You know in the dead of winter, when your skin is dry, and your feet stick to your socks, exactly like that. The emery pad smoothed it out a LOT - but even after soaking my feet, moisturizing and applying my new favorite polish

(Bright Lights - Big Colour from OPI Brights 2009)
I still didn't get the result I was looking for.
Lifted my spirits enough to clean the apartment a bit.

Movie Night tonight?

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