Sunday, June 27, 2010


How cute are they? And their acrobatics can provide as much entertainment as you have time to watch. But they also like to chew, dig, and climb - none of which I want in my small patio garden. The first time I saw 'Chip' he was adorable, I watched him scamper off to the wooded bit that borders our backyard, and under a rock to what looks like could be his home. So now I know he's local. I'd feed him some sunflower seeds so I could watch the running and jumping - so cute!
Then one day I cam home from work and checked on the tomatoes - there was a pit in the soil. I filled it in.
Next day - another pit - I filled it in.
After a week of this dance I decided enough was enough. Friday I started doing some research and today I put the plan into action.
All it took was:
Hardware cloth (wire screen) 1/4 inch was recommended but we could only find 1/2 inch
Something to cut it with
and mulch.
The total cost for this project was about 20.00$ CAD
I cut the screen to be the size of the top of the pot. it's bendy and holds the shape so anything that was a bit too big was easy to bend into shape. I cut a slit up the middle and with a hole in the end to go around the stalk of the plant. I had boyfriend hold the tomato cage up so I could slide the screen under and around - then we fitted the cage back into place and covered the screen with black cedar mulch.

If this works - I will be thrilled. The hardware cloth we bought came in a roll of 20ft for 10.00$, so it will cover all of the pots the squirrels will dig in, with some left over for next year.
It was inexpensive and relatively easy. If it doesn't work - well at least we didn't invest a fortune.
Now once the tomatoes come to fruit - that will be another challenge. :P

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pea Pod

This little pod appeared yesterday, and today there's about 5 of them! :)

We've been having a lot of rain, and heat and it's been good for the garden. I'm still waiting for the tomato buds to bloom - they're taking a really long time...
I've got a squirrel in the yard too. He keeps digging pits in my pots. So this weekend I'm going to get some screen to fit around the base of the plants - hopefully this will deter him. I also want to paint the bike this weekend. Bike #2, not the pretty blue one. I'm thinking white, silver/grey and blue.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pink Polish

It's Pay Day and that means a little treat for myself was in order. I headed to the Spa by my place of work and stumbled upon an Oldie but Goodie. Every time I see my boss sporting this shade I say "Oooo what colour is that?" and every time her response is "That's Hot! Pink, by O.P.I." It came out in 2008 I believe, and is part of the Mod About Brights Collection.

It's rainy, and cloudy outside and this bubblegum shade was just what I needed up brighten my day! The flash in my picture washes out the pink - it's more hot - less soft in person.

I feel so far behind on this blog - I have a second bicycle now, and the garden has taken off. This weekend I want to add all new updated pictures.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Busy Busy!

It feels like I haven't had 20 minutes to just do nothing since my vacation the first week in May!
But it's been great :) Boyfriend got me a lightly used mountain bike from a co-worker, the garden is growing so fast, work is chugging along and NYC! It's coming up :D

I love the blue bicycle don't get me wrong, but the mountain bike is a lot more practical. The blue bike only has coaster brakes and street tires, so now with the mountain bike we can do a lot more than a quick trip to the grocery store and back. It's red and black - plus it's a boys bike... so I may paint it :) Summer Project!

And the Garden! it rained for 3 solid days this weekend, but everything sprouted by about 4 inches so it was worth it :)
I can just imagine that everything will be ready to go the week we are gone on vacation :P Oh well :)
I did all the running around to get my passport today, it went surprisingly easy! I was in the passport office a whole 5 minutes. I had my picture taken on Sunday, and today I was off for the day today so it was the prefect time to get this taken care of.