Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Busy Busy!

It feels like I haven't had 20 minutes to just do nothing since my vacation the first week in May!
But it's been great :) Boyfriend got me a lightly used mountain bike from a co-worker, the garden is growing so fast, work is chugging along and NYC! It's coming up :D

I love the blue bicycle don't get me wrong, but the mountain bike is a lot more practical. The blue bike only has coaster brakes and street tires, so now with the mountain bike we can do a lot more than a quick trip to the grocery store and back. It's red and black - plus it's a boys bike... so I may paint it :) Summer Project!

And the Garden! it rained for 3 solid days this weekend, but everything sprouted by about 4 inches so it was worth it :)
I can just imagine that everything will be ready to go the week we are gone on vacation :P Oh well :)
I did all the running around to get my passport today, it went surprisingly easy! I was in the passport office a whole 5 minutes. I had my picture taken on Sunday, and today I was off for the day today so it was the prefect time to get this taken care of.

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