Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pink Polish

It's Pay Day and that means a little treat for myself was in order. I headed to the Spa by my place of work and stumbled upon an Oldie but Goodie. Every time I see my boss sporting this shade I say "Oooo what colour is that?" and every time her response is "That's Hot! Pink, by O.P.I." It came out in 2008 I believe, and is part of the Mod About Brights Collection.

It's rainy, and cloudy outside and this bubblegum shade was just what I needed up brighten my day! The flash in my picture washes out the pink - it's more hot - less soft in person.

I feel so far behind on this blog - I have a second bicycle now, and the garden has taken off. This weekend I want to add all new updated pictures.

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