Sunday, June 27, 2010


How cute are they? And their acrobatics can provide as much entertainment as you have time to watch. But they also like to chew, dig, and climb - none of which I want in my small patio garden. The first time I saw 'Chip' he was adorable, I watched him scamper off to the wooded bit that borders our backyard, and under a rock to what looks like could be his home. So now I know he's local. I'd feed him some sunflower seeds so I could watch the running and jumping - so cute!
Then one day I cam home from work and checked on the tomatoes - there was a pit in the soil. I filled it in.
Next day - another pit - I filled it in.
After a week of this dance I decided enough was enough. Friday I started doing some research and today I put the plan into action.
All it took was:
Hardware cloth (wire screen) 1/4 inch was recommended but we could only find 1/2 inch
Something to cut it with
and mulch.
The total cost for this project was about 20.00$ CAD
I cut the screen to be the size of the top of the pot. it's bendy and holds the shape so anything that was a bit too big was easy to bend into shape. I cut a slit up the middle and with a hole in the end to go around the stalk of the plant. I had boyfriend hold the tomato cage up so I could slide the screen under and around - then we fitted the cage back into place and covered the screen with black cedar mulch.

If this works - I will be thrilled. The hardware cloth we bought came in a roll of 20ft for 10.00$, so it will cover all of the pots the squirrels will dig in, with some left over for next year.
It was inexpensive and relatively easy. If it doesn't work - well at least we didn't invest a fortune.
Now once the tomatoes come to fruit - that will be another challenge. :P

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