Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Morning Glory

When we decided we wanted to make part of the patio more private (it's ground level in our building, and open on the left and top) I did some research and came to Morning Glory. Growing about 10 ft with large heart shaped leaves - the flowers were just a bonus. The variety I chose is Ink Spots, a newer variety that has shades of purple and white. I was going to plant them on the 16th when I planted the vegetables, but I forgot to soak them. Soaking them over night it supposed to speed up germination, so I popped them in the bowl of water and left them until the next day.
On the 17th I planted them in the same seed tray as the veggies, watered them, put the dome on top and went on.
I try really hard to not look at the seedlings 5 times a day waiting for one to pop, I get impatient. So when I sneaked a peek on the 19th I was shocked, and excited to see this:

And this morning even more shocked to see THIS:
The above picture is of my Morning Glory seedlings three, you read it correctly THREE days after being planted :) Exciting to say the least!

My Thyme seeds have also popped today! However their seedlings are very tiny, I don't think my camera would capture it properly.

Yesterday was me and K's 2nd anniversary. He is so wonderful. He brought me a bouquet of bright gerbera daisies, and some seeds so we can plant them together and enjoy them longer - I think that is so romantic :)
He also brought me Final Fantasy Origins (yes I am a gardener, a knitter, and a nerd). We had a perfect day, followed by a perfect dinner. I've never been so happy in my life.

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