Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Apologies...

for the sporadic posts...
It's a rainy windy day here in Dartmouth today. I've got bird feeding and gardening on the brain. Last year was successful for what is was - impulsive! :) So I'm hoping to plan it a bit better this year. One thing I'm finding is that even though on their own; container gardening, Nova Scotia, and backyarding with an apartment are all popular - it's difficult for me to find information on those things combined. I'm very lucky to have an apartment with an actual yard - it's too bad I can't dig it up as I please :) so my garden has to be quite flexible.
Heres how I plan to achieve this, and if you are reading this maybe help you as well if you want to have a small flower/vegetable garden, in containers, in an area with short growing season :)

First -  decide what I want to have in my yard.
what kind of vegetables
what kind of flowers
what kind of decor
what kind of bird feeding
how much space to dictate to each

Second - research and planning
Find out about my growing zone (mainland Nova Scotia seems to fall between 5a and 6a) which flowers and vegetables will do best, and when to start them indoors or outdoors.
Last year I just planted whatever I wanted. Some hits, some misses.

Third - Shopping
I'm lucky to have a Kent Building Supplies with a huge garden centre steps from my apartment. Although some of their summer staff are lacking in knowledge, the senior staff are fantastic and helpful. I can't speak for all Kent stores, but the one at Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth is perfect for any gardener and bird watcher. Bird feed, feeders, seeds, transplants, pots, earth, everything with reasonable prices on top of it all.

Forth - Plant!

To be Continued.....

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